Investment Advice

CCI advises or make own investments into resource, infrastructure, real estate and power plants. CCI advises the most appropriate investment deal structure for investors through joint venture, acquisition, debt and equity financing, or project financing.

Raise Capital for PEF & PDF

CCI advises Korean companies to raise capital for acquiring overseas resource, infrastructure, or enterprises through PEF (Private Equity Fund) and PDF (Private Debt Fund).

Public Listing Service

CCI provides assistance for corporate listing such as listing requirement cross-check and technology competitiveness evaluation.

CCI discovers local and global (China, Southeast Asia, etc.) leading Korean companies and provides all services for them to go public in Canada, U.S., Hong Kong or other foreign markets.

CCI has extensive networks and business relationship with professional firms through acquisition of multiple listed companies and performs differentiated and effective businesses.

Project Management and Operations

CCI closely works between Korean investors and oil & gas and mining companies in North America. CCI has impressive track records of project management from all around stages.